How do you raise money for a HM/10K? (Read 677 times)

    Hi, all. I'm volunteering for a local HM/10K, and the race director has asked me to help her raise money for the event. Proceeds go to a local charity. What are your strategies for raising money? Who is generally a good contact and how do I approach them? I need to have answers back from sponsors in just over a month. Does that affect who I can ask? The amount needed seems overwhelming. Who all out there has done this before? Help! You can respond in here or email me directly at yanelh@hotmail.com. Thanks in advance! Janell

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      Just some random thoughts... First, make sure all the entrants know the cause...get the material in their hands. Then, give runners the chance to contribute above and beyond the race entry fee... put in a check box to add $5, $10, $___ and let them "donate" money to the charity. Some runners may be willing to solicit sponsors for their running so they can raise extra money to donate. Second idea is to get sponsors to cover race costs like t-shirts, food, drinks, so the entry money can go directly to charity. You'll need to put sponsor names on the shirts (for advertising) and entry forms and allow them to put up banners during the event... Good luck! Lynn B

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        Hi, Lynn. Thanks for the reply. I hadn't thought of asking for extra donations from the runners. That might work. I forwarded your idea on to the race director to see what she thinks. We ended up with a large, extra cost for police this year so she's frantic! We're already working with the corporate sponsorship levels, names/logos on t-shirts, and there's even a "mile" sponsor level where the company gets their name on a mile marker. Hey, whatever works! Janell

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          Janell, I've had the joy of being a race director for a charitable fundraiser race for several years. Begging for money is the worst part of the event, but, to keep the event going, you have to generate revenue. Here's my thoughts, for what they're worth. 1. Sponsorship is very important. The money you collect from sponsors should, at minimum, cover the costs of putting on the event (shirts, timers, awards, etc). I'd worry less about corporate sponsorships - if you can get them great, but focus on local businesses and professionals. For example, I get $600 from a law firm and put their name on racing bib numbers. Putting a local business name on the back of the t-shirt goes a long way. Choose the amount you want to collect for the shirt sponsorship - say $1000 and then go after 1, 2, or even 10 separate sponsors. A good way to get sponsors is to contact your local chamber of commerce. See if you can get on the agenda for one of their meetings and give your best sales pitch. You'd be surprised how much interest you get. 2. We add the "make an additional donation" to the charities we support (kids programs) but don't get too much from this. 3. Have the participants collect money for the charity (like Team In Training does). If they collect say $75, they get free registration. 4. Get your volunteers from the charitable organization you are supporting. If you are raising money for them, they should be willing to work as timers or at water stops. Hope this helps. Good luck with your race. Ken
            Thanks, Ken. I'd not thought of the Chamber of Commerce. That's a good idea. I'll pass it on to the director. (And let HER make the pitch... Wink )

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