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    I am old 


    Have you heard that Fauja Singh started running at his 80s and at 100 he was still running a marathon?

    5k - 20:56 (09/12), 7k - 28:40 (11/12), 10k trial - 43:08  (03/13), 42:05 (05/13), FM - 3:09:28 (05/13), HM - 1:28:20 (05/14), Failed 10K trial - 6:10/mi for 4mi (08/14), FM - 3:03 (09/14)

      Thanks everyone!  I have been running 2 miles two to three times weekly for over 7 years (Army rules) but HATED EVERY MINUTE of it.  After landing in this awful dustbowl, I decided to try and get in the best shape of my life.  My coworker and I were talking one day when he told me about his last deployment.  He trained for a marathon.  I knew I would NEVER be able to do a full, but said, What the Heck!  I'll try for a half.  The hardest part was getting up to that "one hour mark".  I am now running an hour 5 days weekly along with an additional long run.  I am old and female, so I know I am not going to break any records out there, but personal records are all that count!  Thanks for all your words of support.  I am thrilled tohave found this forum and thrilled be here!


      Welcome, youngster! Smile  I bet after you do that half, you'll really be infected by the bug, and maybe will start thinking about doing a full! And yeah, our competition is really just ourselves, so you don't have to worry about whether you're faster or slower than anyone else.  Hope you can get some outdoor running along the way, too.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.