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    I do volunteer race directing in Florida for two charitable organizations, both charities benefit Autism.  I have a 5K/10K coming up in April.  In September, I do another race a 5K.  The second race, I'm thinking about adding a 1000 Meter Paddle Board race.  Paddle Boarding is really "hot" here.  It's a very popular sport, and you can board all year long.


    We would still do the 5K run.  But we would add a 1000 meter paddle board to the run, so the people could do a 1000 meter paddle + 5K, or do a 5K run without the 1000 meter paddle board race.  What are your thoughts?






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    Pace Prophet

      I would!  Er, if I knew how to paddleboard.  You should also make a paddleboard-only option.


      I did a duathlon race in the Bahamas that was a beach run plus a short swim. I came in second and won a six-pack of beer!

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        1K is pretty short for a paddle board race. 2 miles - 5km might generate more interest.  Swim/Run/Paddle is another kind of event that is catching on and might be a huge hit down there in triathlon hell.