Advice on speedwork for upcoming 10 miler in 10 weeks (Read 1041 times)

Feeling the growl again

    Thanks but you don't need to try to patronize me.  Like I said, I think you and Jeff, along with Mikey, are probably the most experienced and knowledgeable people here.  But lately from you and Jeff, I feel I get argument for the sake of argument without yes or no.  People here look up to you guys.  I wish sometimes you guys just come out and say, "Nobby, you're wrong!"  That would take care of things a lot better than throwing some bogus question like "So doing 1200m recovery is better?" or "purpose of interval is not necessarily running them faster..."  Cut the crap and just spit it out.  Sure, I know sometimes I come out as an a$$hole or "outrage" but, surely, I cannot be as sarcastic as someone like Srlopez or Trent!! ;o)


    By the way, besides above those 3, I think Ennay and Zoomie are some of the wisest people.  Just to add to the list...


    PS: And DoppleBock!!


    Nobby I did not mean to patronize, just wanted to make sure I did not come off harsher than intended.  It can be hard to communicate tone and intent accurately via just the typed word. 


    Similarly, I was not trying to argue for the sake of arguing....or even say you were wrong without having to call you out as wrong.  I was trying to understand where you were going with it as it was confusing to me.  The questions in my post were my way of trying to get to clarification, that's all.


    I think the root of the misunderstanding was that you were looking at speedwork with a very narrow interpretation focused on raw speed and coordination, and a lot of us throw in all interval work as a form of "speedwork", even if raw speed and coordination are not the purpose.  But this is an assumption as I could not tell for sure from your post.

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      The best work that you can do for this type of racing is just steady, high end aerobic running -- your classic progression run. <--- this article is also good on why we should be more focused on effort than pace.



      Throwback Wednesday thread (too impatient to wait). This is a good one, especially this nugget link that Jeff posted. Worth a read.