Editing the detail fields that appear after creating a new activity. (Read 207 times)

    New to the site and enjoying all the bells and whistles. I have a question about editing the details that appear after creating a new activity.


    Is it possible to edit the details on a new activity so it mirrors something similar to what you see when you add a New Weights Entry? I added a new activity titled "Core" and I don't need distance to show up in the details section. I would like for it to work like the Weights stats widget works now so that I could see at a glance (through a widget) how many core sessions I've done this week.


    Thanks for any suggestions!


      All weight/strength training workouts should be logged as "Weights".  I'm working on the next version of the training log, which would be released incrementally.  I'm hoping to get the first release out by year's end.  I might be able to put in something that will allow you to have multiple versions of weights entries.


      eric Smile

        Thanks for the info. I was looking for an easy way to distinguish between core and weights, but I see how it works now. Thanks again. 

          I'm not that familiar with the widgets, but you can create a Weights type called "Core".  You might then be able to have the widget display your Weights/Core workout count/frequency.  I know stuff like that can be done for the custom graphs.

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