Trouble uploading data from Garmin Forerunner 305 (Read 1422 times)


    I have been having trouble uploading the data from my Garmin Forerunner 305.  When i select upload data from GPS device it doesn't seem recognize the device.  It keep saying "connect" and doesn't advance to "upload".  Any suggestions?



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      Start here to make sure you have the Garmin Communcator software installed and working:




       If the underlying Garmin stuff is working (test it at Garmin's test page) then RA will read the info from the Garmin.

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        I'm having the same issue with my 305.  Have not been able to upload to my Garmin learning center in several days.  I cleaned the contacts tonight, but still can't connect.  Just like you, it can't find the device. 


        I'm going to try the link from Milk Truck and se if it helps 


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          I was having problems with my 205.  I used a pencil eraser to clean the contacts on both the charging cradle and the GPS.  Now everything works fine.

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            I had been having this same problem for weeks with the 305 and have been entering all my info manually. I could place the watch on the cradle and it would recharge but it wouldn't be recognized by the computer. No amount of cleaning would help. My wife also has a 305 and I switched the cradle (but not the cable) and it still didn't work. I finally switched the mini USB cable that came with the Garmin with another one I had and it worked! Seems like the problem must have been in the mini USB cable and now everything's working fine.


              i uninstalled all my htc mobile phone software on my computer and as soon as i did that my watch started connecting again Smile