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    Wanted to get some input from some of the rest of you, as a friend of mine and I differ on this point: I'm running a seven-mile x-country race tomorrow, and am wondering if a short, easy training run is in order for today. My friend prefers to take the day off, since he'll be racing tomorrow, but I'm of the mind that a nice, easy run is a good way to prepare. This is based on my experience that I feel much better on longer, more strenuous runs if I've run the day before, as opposed to taking the day off. How does everyone else feel about this? Is there any evidence either way, or is it purely a matter of personal choice? For anyone doing Living History Farms tomorrow, look out for the Cranky Gnome Athletic Club.
      is it purely a matter of personal choice?
      I think the answer is - yes. Whatever works for you. As long as your run today is short enough and easy enough, I doubt it can hurt. For what it's worth, for a long time I was in the "don't run at all before a race" camp. But I'm more and more leaning towards the "go for a nice easy run today" camp. And while I won't come close to arguing that the "elite" types know everything, I will point out that it seems that all of the more experienced runners I know are more likely to go for a short run the day before a race if they feel like it ... and the noobilicious types are sitting on the couch before a race. Maybe those experienced guys are on to something? And that didn't help at all, did it? I think you'll just have to experiment a bit. I'd argue that about the only risk of going running today is that you might push it too hard; for example, my legs are actually sore today from sprinting over a hill in what was supposed to be a last taper run. But then, I'm an idiot. If you have more discipline and more brains ... go for it. Smile Good luck tomorrow, by the way!
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        You should relax the day before a race. If you're bouncing off the walls, by all means go for a short easy run.
          Yes I think this is definitely one of those areas where everyone is a little different and the right answer is, "whatever works for you." My experience is the same as yours; I feel better and stronger if I have run the day before than if I have not.

          Runners run.

            Totally a person choice! I much prefer to go out and do 2-3 easy miles the day before a run. Others like to rest completely.