one mile road race (Read 83 times)

    I got talked into running a 1 mile road race on May 3rd.  How do i train for it?  I'm 8 weeks out right now.


    I found this plan online: master the mile.  It has two key workouts each week with little guidance as to what each workout is for.  Some of the workouts call for "goal 1-mile pace" and i'm not sure what that is.  


    I have a recent 5K time of 20:50 and a 1 mile time trial of 5:58. I've just started running again after taking about two years off  but I'd like to get back to where I was in 2010.


    anyone have advice?  Thanks.

    nothing to see here.  

      I'm not going to try to give advice on training for the mile because I've never had a mile as a target race. I've always just run it off of whatever other training I have going on a the time, but the most important thing I can say about the mile is: Warm Up!!!


      You need to be ready to go the second the race starts so you want a realy quality warm up. I will usually do ~20 minutes easy, then 4x 100m strides and try to time it so that I'm still sweating from my warm up when the mile starts.


      Since I don't actually target the mile, someone else will probably be able to give you better help at picking a "goal pace" but I typically target ~30 seconds faster than I'm doing for 1600m repeats (when doing 3x-5x).

        Hey Joe, I used this plan - http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/racing/the-murderous-mile/63.html for a mile race last year and it worked out great!  It may be a bit aggressive since you're getting back into shape, so be careful.  By the way, I'm also in Cinci.  Good luck!