Cortisone Shots (Read 70 times)


    So, I just got a cortisone shot for my hip bursitis.  Has anyone else been there, or something similar?


    My hip wasn't really that bad, in that I could walk just fine, and wasn't in that much pain.  But, the pain got worse when I ran.  So it was definitely affecting my running life.  At the end I was only run/walking about half a mile., which is pathetic.  But i didn't want to push the pain too far.


    Anyway, I'm hoping someone else has been through this,

    Mr MattM

      How's it feeling after the shot?


      The only cortisone shot I've had was in a big toe joint and it really didn't seem to help much.  Hopefully, it helps calm the inflammation and gets you through it... how long has it been hurting?


      My weak spot is the sacroiliac joint and it's just something I've managed to 'train through' as the pain seems to ebb and flow on it's own.  I expect I'll be feeling it again soon enough.

      So, I did a thing.

      runnin gal

        I received a cortisone shot for hip bursitis a few yrs ago in order to make it through a marathon that was about 2-3 wks away.  I had no issue during the race, but I did follow the advice of the dr and took some time off afterward, I think it was 2 wks.  I'd had similar problems while training for several marathons prior to that one, but only had the one shot.  I haven't had any trouble since, but I also have not run a full marathon since then, "just" halfs.  Good luck to you.


          Thanks runnin gal!


          I'm trying to understand here.  Hip bursitis is an inflammation, right?  As opposed to a structural injury.  So it needs a cortisone shot.  It does not need physical therapy.  Yes?

          runnin gal

            I also had some PT to strengthen glutes and hamstrings, and continue those things even now.  But you are correct, the PT wasn't to address the bursitis specifically.