My fastest easy run ever! (Read 1468 times)

    Well it might all be for naught as my heart rate monitor had a mind of it's own this morning.


    I kept slowing down because my average heart rate was climbing and ended up running a 10:43 avg pace when it was all said and done.


    Looking at the graph after I got it uploaded on runkeeper it was all over the place.  It was spiking up to 181 before I even got 2 miles in and then dropping down to 139 after mile 5 while I was plodding along at my slow pace the entire time.  I even started talking to myself to make sure I could carry on a conversation.


    Oh well, I got in 5.9 easy miles. 

    Age: 49 Weight: 202 Height: 6'3" (Goal weight 195)

    Current PR's:  Mara 3:14:36* (2017); HM 1:36:13 (2017); 10K 43:59 (2014); 5K 21:12 (2016)


      Oh well, I got in 5.9 easy miles. 


      That's all that really counts.

        I use a HR monitor on every run and bike ride I do. I started using a HR monitor because I was running what I thought was an easy pace way too fast and getting nowhere. I needed that monitor to keep my mind's mind in check with my body's mind (sorry Jeff if I've plagerized that) .I decided to use the Maffetone method because of its simplicity. The toughest part of Maffing for the newb is running slow, even walking when its appropriate.


        When I started at MAF (140) I was running (if you call it that) at a >13:00 pace. Over the last 2 plus years I've dropped that pace to low 9:00 pace. MAF works if you let it work. In the end you're running for health and from looking at your goals........speed. The speed will come from running slower. The slower you go, the more miles your body will be able to obsorb and adapt too, the more fit you become, the faster you can run. My first HM was a sub 1:55, the second was a sub 1:45. At my fittest (9:19 pace at 138 HR for 6.25 miles) I'm sure I was good for a sub 1:40 HM.


        I've started to follow Joel Friels HR training methods these days and still use a MAF run when I need a bit of a recovery type run. I can tell from those MAF runs how well my training is going and if I'm getting fitter because I should be able to run longer with a steadier pace at my MAF HR as my fitness improves.


        BTW, you need to pay attention to static electricty and its effects on your HR monitor readings. For me, the first 10 minutes of a run when the humidity is low will be all over the place until a good sweat is started.


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          My HR spikes if my strap is not wet enough or too tight. I use the new Garmin strap and never have an issue now. I suggest putting a little ultrasound gel on the strap. This keeps its moisture for the duration. I do this in races as I don't want my HR all over th place. It would mess up my brain Smile

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            I don't try to make my easy runs fast.


            Over time, I like for my "faster" runs to seem easier.