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    Anyone know of any? (I'm not trying to exclude guys, I just want to find a fun one to do with my best friend -- it can be anywhere in the country or world... we live across the country from each other so location is not important.) Thanks! -Jill

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      There is one in the Twin Cities (MN) through The Sporting Life (tslevents.com) on Sept 23. The official race name is Women Run The Cities. There is a 10 mile and a 5k run/walk. I didn't see the info on the website yet but it they said it should be very soon. (They were just promoting it at the race I was at today. ) I am assuming it is the ladies of TSL who are sponsering the race and are acting as the race directors. TSL puts on good races and they have nice shirts too. THe weather should be great for running and the leaves should be very pretty to look at. I'll probably try to run it myself.

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          In Virginia: http://www.vhtrc.org/half/index.htm Fourteenth Annual VHTRC Women's Half Marathon Trail Run September 9, 2006

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            In Chicago, the Fleet Feet Women's Festival is a great one ... it has a 5K and a 10K. This year it's July 29: http://www.fleetfeetchicago.com/htm/events_races_womens.asp
              I just finished the More Half. There's a marathon too (but only for women over 40.) It would have to wait until next year, though. Also in NYC there's a Mother's Day 10 miler that's all women's. It's much smaller than the More and I had a fun time at that one last year
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              • there's the NIke Women's Marathon in San Francisco...I think that's in Oct. Guys can run it, but really, it's geared toward women and I've heard they have some nice goodies for the ladies. Smile
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