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    Hi All,


    I'm new to this forum as of today. I had started to read a bit on Runner’s World, but it appears that most people are here now? I’d love to join in to help with my questions (and my motivation!!).


    I’m currently a 29 year old working mother of a 17 month old. I’m married to the love of my life who is also a runner. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant with our second child due May 24th. Although I guess I’d consider myself a runner, I’m newer to it (really got serious about running over just the past 5 years or so…never really ran in high school or much in college). I started doing 5K’s and 10K’s about 3 summers ago (I live in Northern Michigan where winter runs are unheard of. Haha.) and I love it. I do plan to do some halves and fulls and had actually planned to this coming summer until finding out I was expecting again.


    I ran up until 40 weeks with my first (she was born at 41 weeks) but only did the races until 36 weeks per my physician. I would pretty much run 3-6 miles 4-5 days a week and did non-pre-natal yoga the other 2 days along with a prenatal exercise class one night a week.


    My question comes in here: I’m currently 17 weeks now, but have NOT ran but a couple times during this pregnancy. It’s so pathetic. I’ve had so much morning sickness and have been SO exhausted that I just can’t even make myself get out and go. I feel better, now and fitness-wise I feel okay (although I can tell that if I don’t start something soon I’m going to be in trouble) so I’m considering re-starting. One of the RN’s I work with told me not to start running again as the old saying is not to start anything new during your pregnancy. Thing is, I ran beforehand and I feel like my body can handle it as long as I start out super slow and just increase as tolerated.


    I guess I’m just looking for insight and wondering if any of you have started running after the first trimester and how it went for you? I know the official okay should come from my physician and I will discuss it all with her, but I’m just looking for stories and your experiences.

    Canadian princess



      I stopped running during my first trimester due to morning sickness. With my other pregnancies, the running helped the nausea but I was quite sick  with that pregnancy. I started again and ran while younger kids napped.  The fact that it wasn't my first pregnancy made me more comfortable with the decision. My OB was also fine with it. 


      Good luck.


        I'm currently 17 weeks as well, and had an extended break from running due to tendonitis and issues trying to conceive before getting pg, so I don't "run"  I still do a run/walk occasionally, and just take it really slow.  I think with your previous experience, even if you didn't run in the first tri, it's not "new" for you. 


        There is a daily preggos thread in the women's user group, if you want to stop by or join in- some run, some don't, but everyone is pretty active!