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The Meek One

    I am new to the running community. In fact I just started running this week. My first couple of runs have been about a mile long, and I know my lungs are protesting, but overall I feel great about getting out! Does anyone have advice for staying motivated during these first efforts. Also I want to run the Turkey Trot 5k here in Detroit as my first race any suggestions for beginning a training program? Thanks Big grin


      Also I want to run the Turkey Trot 5k here in Detroit as my first race
      That's my advice in a nutshell right there: Register for a race. That is one of the best ways to motivate yourself early on to keep going. If you can keep up an activity for 30 days, it will probably become a habit.

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          Missa, the Couch-to-5k plan is really excellent. A lof of folks, including your's truly, got started with that. Smile WELCOME! k

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            Like you, I'm a fairly new runner. It was very hard at first. I could bairly run one time around the track. The hardest part for me on each run was always the first couple of steps. Once I got going, I really enjoyed it. But, it does get better with continued effort. The key for me has been patience. I'm slowly building my distance and speed - adding a half mile to a mile each week.
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              My advice, for what its worth: 1. Don't get complacent but don't set the bar too high! You can run 1 mile consistently. That's awesome. For the next run see if you can run a little farther. Or a little faster. Small improvements over time add up to monstrous improvements over the long haul!!! 2. Variety is the spice of life. Run a new route, encourage someone to join you, listen to different music (if you are one that runs with music). I have found the best way to stay motivated is by looking forward to something different as oppose to just doing the same old thing over and over. Smile Congratulations and keep up the great work!
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                I suggest keeping the mile run up and adding to that walking over long distances. If you can try to get an hour in a day. Whatever you do... dont discount it... especially walking. If you get need entertainment while running purchase an ipod and load it up with stuff you want to listen to.


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                  Watching one of the Prefontaine movies is a motivator at times too! Smile
                    Being a new runner as well. I started slow and just keep adding a mile or so every week. It is the improvement that keeps me motivated. Yah I might be slow but at least I'm moving.

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                      Glad to have someone from the D with us. My suggestion is not to wait for the Turkey Trot. There are so many races. Check out www.runmichigan.com. If you can't finish your first 5K running, walk part of it. You will meet lots of great people. Make sure you tell people it's your first ever race. I guarantee you will get a ton of encouragement. Good luck - you can do it!

                      The Meek One

                        Thanks everyone! It has been very helpful and I have increased my distance by .4 of a mile in just over a week. What a blast! I still can't believe how enjoyable running is. I appreciate the help an encouragement. Missa