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    I am going to be in Greencastle PA for a few days before heading to NYC next week. Does anyone know how "runnable" the Appalachian Trail is in this area? I don't mind dirt paths with occasional obstacles, but I also don't want to be navigating constant hazards. If there are any other suggestion for a nice run in this area, I'd be glad to hear those as well. Thanks.

      I work in Greencastle and live nearby in Chambersburg so this is a local trail for me.  Even though it is rocky and rooty, I would consider it completely runnable as to surface and obstacles.  But there are lots of ups and downs that require me and maybe most runners to hike at times.  With the hills taken into account I can run at least 75% of the distance on any AT run I do.  There is a group (Michaux Trail Runners on facebook) that often runs on it and other trails from Caledonia State Park Thursday evenings and Sunday early afternoon.


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        I've run in Michaux Park (Pine Grove Furnace) as part of the Ironmaster's Challenge 50k.  Judging by your definition of runnable, I'd say about 60% of the trails fit the bill.  There's a lot of rocks in PA.  Also, you might also want to post this in the Trailer Trash group...there are several runners from that area who may be able to make good suggestions.


        If you are looking for a trail run in the NYC area also...I'd recommend Palisades Interstate Park, just across the GW bridge.  There are some really nice views of the city from the Long Path (top of the Palisades) and the Shore Trail along the bottom runs along the Hudson.

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          Parts of the AT are very runnable, but parts are quite steep and rocky.  How long a run are you looking for?  There are some short easy runs in and near Caledonia (i.e. 3 miles) on either the Ramble Trail in the Park or the ski trail near the Playhouse. The C&O Canal is south a bit - Williamsport is straight down the road from Greencastle and you can go as many flat dirt miles as you care to.  Similarly, there's a rail trail in Shippensburg - up I-81 a half hour or so - it's about 10-11 miles long and quite pretty.  Last week I did a very nice run in Gettysburg itself.  Just follow part of the auto-tour (up to 22 miles).

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            Thanks for the help.