Running + Dancing, how much too much? (Read 98 times)


    hi, i guess i would still consider myself as a beginner, the furthest ive ran was 5miles in February this year, it took me 1 month to reach that then i took a break and recently started again a week ago, my long run is a 5k so im starting slow. I am also a dancer (folklorico/tap/ballet) but recently returned to dance just last month after not dancing for 1 year. I dance 2 days a week, run 3 days a week and do basic weights/ab workouts 2 days a week(normally on run days). I have good stamina and good breathing technique which makes me wanna keep on running but at least one of my knees start to feel alittle overworked but not to a point that its painful. Is there anyone that have taken on dance and run regularly through out the year? i would like to hear how you were able to do both without overkilling ur body. and offcourse any runners that have taken on extra cardio on their off days.


    i do stretch alot at least twice a day. im also on a healthier diet and taking in less carbs and replacing it with more protein.

    i weigh 215lbs currently


    i mountain bike and swim at least once a month too


    how long do you recommend i take to train for a half marathon?

      I like to dance too, I do interprative dancing and LOVE IT!!!! Gotta axe a few questions first. When is this .5 marathon? or, are you just curious as to how long it will take to train for one. You could prolly do one tomorrow, if you don't mind walking a lot it. It could take roughly 3 months for you to be able run a .5 marathon provided you use a training program. I like the Hal Higdon one. But, this is just my opinion and there are others here that could give a much better detailed explanation as to what you should do, and how about achieving this goal.


      not bad for mile 25

        If dancing didn't hurt your knees before you started running, you might consider changing running shoes. They could be causing some motion that's hard on the knee joints.  How is ballet on the knees?  I've done a lot of ballroom combined with running, but that's a whole different thing.


          As LedLincoln posted, look at your shoes. Could be they are worn out, could be they aren't the right shoe for you.  Dancing itself shouldn't be a problem unless you've had problems in the past.  If anything your legs might be stronger than most people who are starting out running.


          If you haven't done it already, maybe go to a good LRS (local running store).  If it sells anything else it isn't a LRS.  A good one will watch you walk and run in addition to looking at your arch and length/width.  They'll bring out shoes that they think might work for you.  A good one will let you run in them, even outside.  You don't need the most colorful or most expensive, just get the ones that are the most comfortable.


          The better stores in my area will even let you come back for 30 days or so and exchange them if the shoes don't work out after running in them for a while.


          I've taken dance classes while running 50 - 60 mpw problem.  A lot of runners do other kinds of work outs.  I know one who is fitness instructor and works teaching lessons and still runs.  Something to think about is if you are just getting back to dancing and working out it could be too much too soon and you may need ease back into it.


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            >"Running + Dancing, how much too much?"


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