Avengers Half Anyone? (Read 87 times)


    This past Sunday I ran my first half marathon.  It was the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  It was fun, but it was the most challenging, and the longest race I ever ran.  I plan to train smarter and for a longer time in order to do better, and need less recovery time after my next 13.1.  A couple days ago, I saw Disney's ad for the first Avengers Half Marathon set to be in November.  I plan to go.  I will it be my second half marathon, and my husband plans to run the 5K.  Anyone else plan to run it?


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      Congrats on your half!


      Disney races are pretty cool. I've done the WDW Half (its run the same course as the Princess) twice and have loved it.


      If you do run the Avengers Half, you can get your Coast-to-Coast Medal!


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        I'm so excited that I'm registered!  Registration opened on the 25th at 12 PM (11 my time), and since my husband was at home, he got online to register us.  He was put in some sort of digital queue in order to register, and by the next morning when I went to the website, it was sold out.  Evidently there were a bunch of people upset that registration opened on a weekday.  Most of us are away from home at noon on a weekday.  I'm just thankful my husband was at home (he works from home) that day, and not having to be at a meeting or something, otherwise I may not be going to the race! (So friggin excited that I'll be getting a Coast to Coast Medal!)  Is anyone else in this forum going?  Any newbies like me going?