On Cloud vs Cloudflow (Read 35 times)


    Hey y'all,

    I'm a novice runner looking for a fresh pair of running shoes.

    I am leaning more towards minimalist shoes in order to work on my running mechanics.

    I'm a heavy heel striker and want to transition into mid-foot strike. And the 10-12mm heel cushion don't help with that. 

    With this being said, I've tried on both the On Cloud ($120) & Cloudflow ($130). 
    They feel very similar.

    Can someone please distinguish the 2, pros/cons, recommendations, etc?


    I will take other shoes into consideration so please do suggest!


    Thanks everyone!

      On sponsors quite a few test-runs in the By Area, but I haven't gone on any. Maybe they are doing some at your local running store?


      But as Skechers biggest unpaid advocate, I suggest you try their older GoRun-5 shoe, which has a mild "M-Strike" midsole designed to encourage a midfoot strike, so does the GoRun Ultra Road-2.Their even older versions were more pronounced. Many of the Hoka models are also "rocker" midsoles of similar design with the heel and toe a bit higher than the midsole. In a shoe store, set the shoe on a flat surface and see how it touches at the midsole. A shoe that is completely flat won't do you any good to encourage midfoot strike. Some shoes, like my Skechers ultra trail-4, will keep rocking back and forth like a rocking chair if you get them started. My old Hoka Stinson ATR did that, too.

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        OH! I forgot you are headed towards minimal! Almost any shoe with little to no cushion will FORCE you to run mid-foot. There is a copy of the  Vapor Glove called the Tesla BK-30 that is very reasonably priced, and would be a good bet. I am trying to incorporate barefoot and minimalist runs into my routine, but I have sensitive feet, so these slipper-like shoes work just about right.

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          I have used Vapor Gloves and Tesla BK-30s.  Both are nice and fit me well.  The Teslas wear out very quickly. Not what I'd call quality build, but for $30, you're not losing a lot.

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