Copy Strength Training Data (Read 687 times)

    I would love to be able to copy Strength Training data from days to other days. Inputing all the data each time is a pain in the ass. J

      Second this sentiment . . . ideally, it would populate the fields, but allow you to edit them, and add/remove exercises . . .

        I third this suggestion.
          This has been suggested and I'm intending to add this. Finding time to fit this in is one problem, while the larger one is how to do it in a simple and intuitive way.

            another solution maybe would be to be able to set it up kinda like the running logs where you can input a course. Instead of course you could call it "training series" or something. That way the logger could put "upper body series" and only have to input the exercises for that series one time.. I dunno if that would be any easier, but it would be for me Evil grin

              First, my compliments for this website! It's really great to use this traininglog. Big grin Though, like the others who reacted to this topic, I also wondered if it would be possible to copy a workout to a new date. I think that an intuitive way to do this would be something like this: When a user adds a new Strength-training entry, he can also choose to 'Copy a previous entry'. If the user chooses to do so, he sees a list of previous Strength-training-entries. He can select one these and click a 'Copy'-button. The selected entry is copied to the selected date and the user can still edit each single workout-activity (like sets, reps, weight). This could be useful not only for strength-training activities, but also for Interval-programs of any kind (running, cycling, swimming). I hope these thoughts are useful to you. Keep up the good work!