Raw nipples! (Read 261 times)

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    OK, I am a guy and when I go on my long runs - 12+ miles, my nipples get super raw and bleed like crazy.



    Good Ol' vaseline (AKA petroleum gel). I carry a pot in my camel-back when I go on long runs. It's better than body glide because it's denser.

    I also foudn out that some running shirts are coarser than others and cause more irritation, I try to avoid the bad ones. I have one shirt without any markings that I got in a race in Daegu, and it totally rocks: It's light as hell and doesn't cause any issues even in longer runs in hot weather... and  I got it for free!

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    Nope, because of all the flies I eat.


      Haven't seen anyone mention these yet: NipEaze.


      I've got a hairy chest and have worn these in marathons and long runs with great results. They're also cheap enough for daily use in very hot/humid climates. They make a large size for women, too.


        I generally don't have this problem but I find that some shirts are harsher on the nips than others. Try Under Armor.


        I remember running alongside the West-Side Parkway in New York on a nice day and wondering why all the women were looking at me. I must be looking pretty good today I thought.


        I stopped after 15 miles to take a drink from a water fountain and realized the was blood running all down my shirt.

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          If you use New Skin, you can wear whatever kind of shirt you want. The stuff is extremely durable.

            Yeah, I have used it twice now on two runs and it is pretty awesome.

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            The "stiff" one works best for me...



              These will stay on through a 100 miler for me, and my chest is pretty hairy.


                I have to attest, I have not tried the Nip Guardz or anything like that, but I did try New Skin and it works great...highly recommend.  Now maybe my nips won't be raw anymore!!

                Don't carry 10,000 songs in your hand...protect them...

                The "stiff" one works best for me...