Anyone here read Matt Fitzgerald's "Racing Weight"? (Read 165 times)

Tar Heel Mom

Unleavened Dead

    How do you count legumes? Vegetables? Lean protein?


    And ... is it working for you?

    "Set out runnin' but I take my time."

      I read it.  Legumes are vegetables if you are a meat eater and may be protein if you are vegetarian/vegan.


      I think it is a good book and has helped me quite a bit.  I have lost 5 pounds using the book and doing marathon training. Diet for me is a continual battle but at least it got me aware of the fact that a)  what I thought was healthy was not really healthy and b) eating healthier gives me more energy to train.

      Running Goals ... Marathon # 2 coming up in May 2014


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