Really not a fan of the running skirt on women. (Read 2251 times)



    Running is stupid


      783, 684 and 641 need to get with the program!





        Don't ask me why I know this level of detail.


        ....I'm asking...Wink


        I have many running skirts, all have 2 pockets and are very comfortable, and cute.

        (never made the cheerleader squad in HS)

        "dancing on the path and singing, now you got away,

        you can reach the goals you set from now on, every day"

        Sonata Arctica






          They gave us the rock star treatment, stretch limo ride from hotel to race start.



          And it was fun getting all the "nice skirt!" comments. Though I also got a lot of "did you lose a bet?".

            gotta love the MMs Smile


            Dream Maker

              I like the skirts.  Due to chafing reasons I can't wear regular shorts-  have to be the long compression shorts.  The skirt gives me that and a cover, Which is nice since I am fat.   At SparkleSkirts, cute designs too.


              sometimes I still go underarmour be audit skirts have worked their way in.


              ive tried the shorts with built in compresdion shorts but it's hard to find long compression amd they ride up and don't work well over 5-6 easy miles