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    I'll be running the R&R Nashville HM on April 27. My goal is to come as close to 2:00 as I can, although at this point I'm unsure whether that will mean 2:05 or 1:59:59.


    I am running the R&R Nashville Half as well. But I am not running it for a sub-2 hour PR. I accomplished that back in January here in Austin. But I promised my younger daughter (22) that I would run her first half with her. She's aiming for more of a 2 1/2 hour pace. So that's an interesting challenge - trying to train slower and be able to run for that long.


    You should be able to get a better sense of pace by measuring your long runs rather than going for a race. I am certainly not a coach, but I would not run solid 12 milers till you get there. My plan includes running a mix of 10 to 13 mile long runs. With the week before the race down at 10 and only light running that week. That's worked for me before.


    Good luck.


      Thanks everyone for the welcome and advice!


      Zelanie - I'm so impressed with your training! When I started reading this thread I thought, "she's about my speed, it'll be interesting to watch her training and race." Ha! Well, I'm sure you have far surpassed me at this point. Hopefully my next race I'll be able to train as hard as you are.


      kenyan - Sounds like a tough hill! Awesome that you made it, even with walk breaks.


      Nathan - That wind sounds brutal! I've only done one really windy run and was amazed at how much resistance it adds.


      djr3 - Awesome that you will be running here too. It's a fun but tough course. Lots of hills.


      Me - This week I switched things up a bit and did 6 fast miles on the first half of the course. Miles 2-4.5 feature a series of relentless hills that for me are the toughest part.. I think this is partially mental because the first time I ran it was rough, but regardless, I needed to conquer it. Started out a little fast (8:30s) but maintained well even on the hills (slowest splits were a 9:10 and 9:11) and finished feeling strong. Probably had only another 3-4 miles in me at that pace - I'll definitely need to be conservative on race day and start slower. Trying to add a few more miles in this week. It's REALLY tough for me to run more than 4x a week (no treadmill, 2 young kids, husband working 70 hour weeks) but it's possible that I could add a mile onto each run so I'd be doing 5/5/6 and then a long run.

        Nathan- Congrats on your race and having a front row seat for the women's race!  Those surges are incredible when everyone is already running so fast! Smile


        Gosling- You have the advantage that you're new and therefore still improving very quickly!  Smile  If you're running at sub-2 pace now, with a nice taper and race day magic you might surprise yourself with what you can do.  I think the trick for both of us, since we don't really know our limits, will be to not start out too quickly in the hopes that we can do more than we're really ready for.


        me- Finished my first 50-mile week this week!  I remember when I first started posting here I talked about my plan that went up to 50 and how I wasn't sure I could make it, but in the end after some first early jitters (or maybe just an adjustment period to building miles while adding quality runs), I made it!  I still have over a month until the race but it looks like the remaining weeks are quality instead of quantity.  I have a 10 mile race coming up this weekend.  That should give me a better idea of what to really aim for in April.

        the kenyan

          Decent long run last weekend. 10.25 out n' back with a negative split.  Threw down a 9:06 last mile and I wasn't even aware of picking up the pace.  Guess I just wanted to be done.  Joking    10 weeks to go and feeling pretty good about things.



            Hi everyone!


            How've ya'll been?  I've been reading sporadically and am very excited for all of you who are smashing your goals.  I'm also bummed out for all of you with injuries......they just suck.


            I kind of dropped off the face of the earth there for a little bit.  No reason, really, just a little burned out.  I've still been running but I'm trying not to think about running so much.  If that makes any sense.  I tend to get a bit obsessed with things (so I've been told)  and every once in a while I need to take a step back.


            More later.  Just wanted to stop in and say 'HI'! for now.

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              Hi everyone!


              How've ya'll been?  I've been reading sporadically and am very excited for all of you who are smashing your goals.  I'm also bummed out for all of you with injuries......they just suck.


              I kind of dropped off the face of the earth there for a little bit.  No reason, really, just a little burned out.  I've still been running but I'm trying not to think about running so much.  If that makes any sense.  I tend to get a bit obsessed with things (so I've been told)  and every once in a while I need to take a step back.


              More later.  Just wanted to stop in and say 'HI'! for now.

              I know exactly what you mean.  Sometimes the running obsession gets to be too much, and I have to dial it back...even stop running for a week or so just to chill mentally.  Running is really something that consumes you.  Love it Smile







                Hi miele, glad to see you're back!  Hope to hear more about your running when you're in the right frame of mind for it. Smile


                If you ask

                  Docjen - congrats son finishing your second 20 miler.  It's nice to see you were able to get outdoors.


                  Paden - I can't even imagine 80 degree weather, although I know it's on it's way here!   Recently my runs all seem to start with the wind at my back, meaning I'm running into the wind for the entire second half.  Ugh, it's hard to negative split with that!  Congrats on another awesome weekly mileage.   Your plan looks great, too much work for me, but you seem to thrive with such a challenge.


                  Zelanie -  yay on your first 14 miler!  Way to go!


                  Hector - it is really amazing to see the pace difference with trails and paved roads.  Some of my trail races have sections (be it short) of paved roads and when I hit the pavement I feel like I am floating, the effort is so easy.  Paden is so correct about starting closer to a 9 m/m.   Is this your first half??  I find that the first race of a new distance is such a learning experience.  Better to be a little too slow and finish knowing that the next race you can push it more, than going out too fast and blowing up, leading to a miserable experience.    I'm so sorry about your pain.  I hope it heals quickly.


                  Harrier - oh, new shoes, how I love them!   I think training for a 10k is smart, although I find running a 10k is about twice as hard as running a 5k, haha.


                  Jan -  it seems very smart for you to lighten up on the mileage, especially if you are seeing positive effects in healing.  Sometimes it's just as good for the soul as well...  As for the RLRF, I know exactly what you mean.   I'd rather run more (with an easy run or two) during the week than to not run.   Yesterday I has such an horrible tension headache that just about disappeared after my run.   So, did you totally ditch the altras, and if yes, what are you running in?


                  Ausmus and gosling  - welcome.


                  Djr -  it is nice for you to run with your daughter.  I ran a half marathon with a (much slower) friend one time.  She was running in costume to raise money for cancer so I wore her water belt and carried her GUs.  Anyway, we finished at around 2:30 and I felt like I could just keep going.  It's what helped me realize that I could run a full.


                  Thekenyan -  I find that when I run by feel I always naturally get faster. It feels great!


                  miele - happy to see you are okay.  Ate a cookie to celebrate your return.


                  Me - last week the weather was horrible (terrible winds) so I didn't get the mileage I wanted, but did feel good for my 14 miler on Saturday.  Ran an easy 5 on Sunday with nary a tired leg.  Yesterday was a tempo(ish) run, starting at a 10 pace and ending in the 8s.  Tomorrow I will hit the trails with much hill work.

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                    Zelanie – great running. Congratulations on running 50 miles for the week!


                    Nathan – your splits were great. You constantly ran harder (higher avg HR every mile). 14k at 7.49 is quick. Congratulation!


                    Gosling – good job in running 6 miles


                    Miele – good to hear for you!


                    EdithRevisited – nice job in getting miles even in bad weather including a 14 miler. I agree with you in pace difference when running on street compare to running on trails. This is my first HM and I will make sure to start slow. 


                    Me – I was forced to take easy last week and ran for 15 miles total. Seems like my tapering period is three weeks! Ran 6 miles this morning. Pain in the bottom of foot is still nagging me, but it is not that bad.


                      djr3 - How fun that you're running your daughter's first half with her! I did the same thing for my son last August, and it was my favorite race of all time.


                      gosling - Running part of the course and finishing strong should give you a good idea of what you need to do on race day. If you felt like you only had another 3-4 miles left to give, then definitely rein it in for the first part of the race. Much easier said than done, since it's so easy to get swept away in the starting frenzy of everyone around you.


                      Zelanie - Congrats on your 50 mile week!! You have come so far since you started posting, and I know you're going to kill it in the race.


                      kenyan - That's a great way to finish a long run, especially if the pace got faster and the effort didn't get harder!


                      miele - I'm so glad you came back! Big grin I hear you on getting burned out and having to step back. A few years ago I got so burned out on always trying to get faster than I stopped running for almost a year. I hope you're feeling better.


                      Luke - Yep, you're right. Running is addictive and obsession is the perfect word for what it does to us.


                      Edith - Your LR and tempo run were spectacular. Cruising through 14 miles and the pace increase in your tempo run should definitely make you feel like a badass! I sent the Altras back - I don't know what else to blame for my sudden onset of the piriformis thing, as it was the only thing I had done differently. Everytime I try to move to a less stable shoe I end up regretting it. I don't know what made me think I could go all the way to a zero drop! Right now I'm alternating between the Brooks Trance 12 and my old reliable Mizuno Alchemys. I thought the Brooks were a winner, but my IT band and knee have started swearing at me, so the rest of my runs this week I'm wearing the Mizunos to see if that helps.


                      hector - I hope your being forced to take it easy wasn't because of being sick or injured! Taper is on it's way - hang in there.


                      Me - I've finally been able to get outside for about half of my weekly runs, but last night we got another 4 inches of the white crap, so I was inside today. I've been running about 4 days a week, sometimes 5. I'm trying to have a purpose for every run, and so far my purposes have been one tempo, one speed, one long, and one or two easy. My 10 mile race is the end of April, and my first half of the summer is the first weekend in June, so if spring could show up soon, I'd definitely appreciate it!

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                        Ok, I'm jumping back in!  Here I go....


                        djr-  Your daughter's going to do great with you pacing her.  A great experience for both of you!


                        gosling-  Kudos to you for running with such a busy schedule.  Which race are running (sorry, I know you've said but I've only just re-surfaced).


                        Zelanie-  You're doing so great!  Like Jan, I remember when you started posting and now just look at you!  10 miler?  No sweat.  That's your mid week long run now.  I think you've conquered the mental hurdles.


                        kenyan-  Nice run!


                        Luke-  I'm going to try and be less consumed by running.  I think I put too much pressure on myself.


                        Edith-  What kind of cookie?  Yummy.  You're still running strong!  I've really got to hit those hills.....


                        hector-  What's up with the foot?  Do. not. get. injured. now.  Not so close to your race.


                        Jan-  Hiya!  It's good to be back!  Sorry about your injuries.  Hopefully going back to your faithful Mizunos will cure everything.  The minimalist shoes look so cool but sometimes, unfortunately, we have to accept reality and wear the shoes that work for us.


                        Me-  Ok, I'll update you on the latest.  As some of you may remember, I'm running the Eugene HM at the end of next month.  Saturday I ran a HM in Davis just to measure my fitness.  I'd only completed three weeks of Ryan Hall's HM plan before getting sick with a cold a couple of weeks before the race which meant no real training for two weeks leading up to the race (taper?).  Soooooo.  No real expectations.  I thought that if it was a good day I could hope for a 1:55.  Planned to go out at 8:40 pace (didn't even bother to look up what that corresponded to in terms of time)  just to see how it felt and ready to slow down if it felt too hard.  In the end, I finished in 1:51:07!!!!  New PR by just over a minute.  AND!  I was very happy with my pacing!  When does that ever happen?  I had some slower miles into a headwind but according to the HRM the effort was even.  Then the faster miles were with the wind at the back.  6/48 AG, 183/865 overall.  It was a good day.  So I'm thinking a sub-1:50 might not be an unreasonable goal in Eugene.  I still have 5-6 weeks of solid training to go.


                        Now, for a little something that has nothing to do with running.  My latest obsession that has distracted me from running (I'm going to try and post a pic now):


                        Ok, I give up.  How do you post a pic from iPhoto?  It just prompts me to fill in a 'URL'.  Sheesh.


                        Oh, and since I ran unexpectedly well in the HM I'm toying with the idea of signing up for CIM again.  Please stop me.  Do not encourage me.  Stage an intervention if you must.


                        Hi to everyone on the previous pages!!!

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                        the kenyan

                          Nice run Miele!  If your target race is at the end of next month then I'd say you have a shot at <1:50 for sure.  You can accomplish a lot with a solid 6 weeks.  Regarding CIM, I'd say if you want to do it then do it.  It's not until december IIRC, so you have plenty of time to train if you want to roll the dice.  I wouldn't necessarily base your decision on a perfomrance over a shorter distance, however.....26.2 is big step up even from 13.1, and a solid 13.1 performance won't necessarily translate into 26.2.   What's your hesitation?  Was the last one less-than-super?



                          Had another subpar mid-week run.  I suppose the struggles could have to do with the 500ft climb in just under 2 miles in the middle of it.  I made it to the top of the hill this time, but after coming down and hitting the flat part, I just felt really low-energy and took a couple walk breaks.  I still hit my target distance, but get cranky when I have to stop.  It could have to do with running right after work when I tend to be my most tired....I might try running later in the evening after taking some time to chillax.  But really what I think it comes down to is that I need to be doing these runs more slowly.  I was averaging 9:20ish for the running part, which was a bit ahead of my easy range and would probably get the same benefits from going 9:45-10ish.  It usually doesn't seem to matter, but big-ass hills have a way of exposing weaknesses Wink

                            Edith- I'm hoping that the hilly trails went well!


                            Hector- Glad the foot is starting to feel better.


                            Jan- Sounds like you've been doing a good job keeping the miles up despite the weather!


                            miele- You must be fairly local.  My first HM will be the Corvallis HM.  I don't know too much about the CIM, other than the fact that weren't they pretty much running through rivers last year?  Did you run it?


                            Kenyan- I'm the same way with hills.  Even tonight, I hit a hillier part right in the middle of the MLR and for a bit felt like I'd just killed my pace for the rest of the run.   But I think you're right- running a bit slower might help you recover more easily.  Hope you get it figured out!

                              miele, jan26.2, edith, good to se you guys posting again.  Sounds like things are going well for you guys.


                              hector - I think you are still fine on a sub 2 hour finish even with the extended taper.  Probably best to get that foot healed up instead of messing around trying to get those last extra miles in and then end up with a foot hurting during your race.  I think your 8:30 "A" goal pace might suffer, but you should still be able to start out around 8:45 to 9:00 pace and finish strong I bet.


                              Zelanie - you are getting fast.  I'm curious to see what kind of time you post up when it comes to race day.


                              miele - congrats on your HM PR!!!  Amazing how running a race in non-hurricane or swamp like conditions can make such a difference.


                              me - I guess I'm fully recovered from my race on Saturday.  Did a really nice strength interval run last night following the Hanson Marathon Plan.  Overall avg pace 8:49 per mile with an average HR of just 152 (just 78% of max).  Was a nice evening, 54 degrees and a 9mph breeze and I ran in and out of a canyon by my house at sunset so it was a really enjoyable run.  The workout was 3 X 2 miles with a target pace of 8:30 and 1/2 mile recoveries with a 2 mile warm up and a 1 mile cool down.  I just can't lay off these interval workouts, ended up running a 8:26 pace on the first 2 mile segment and it had 226' of elevation gain going up and out of the canyon.  HR got a little high there, but after than it just rocked along.


                              Here's my splits.


                              Splits (GPS    Interval)








                              Total Duration




                              Avg HR


                              Max HR






                              2.0 mi






                              max HR was   static



                              2.0 mi






                              226’   elevation gain



                              0.5 mi









                              2.0 mi









                              0.5 mi









                              2.0 mi






                              Dropped 146’   on mile 9



                              1.0 mi






                              Cool down



                              0.11 mi








                              One of those runs that just felt really good.  I think I'm flirting with some PF on my left heel, but I've been massaging it and starting to do tip toe excercises to hopefully nip it in the bud.


                              Streak is up to 69 days and 514.1 miles!  Just got to 100 miles in March on day 12!  Have an 18 miler on the schedule for Saturday and this will be a new PR for weekly mileage for me if I stick with the plan.  65 miles on the agenda this week.


                              Hope everyone else has a great rest of the week!



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                                Nathan - Holy cow!! Your streak is amazing, and you are such a strong runner! Are you going to keep the streak going indefinitely, or do you have an end point in mind?


                                kenyan - You are so right about the big ass hills! They let you know what you're lacking, that's for sure.


                                Zelanie - Remind me when your race is again?


                                Miele - Ok, now you've got my way curious about your latest obsession. Don't forget to post that pic!


                                We're headed to Colorado tomorrow for a long weekend of my son's tennis matches and hopefully some long outside runs. Temps in the 60-70s. Woohoo!!!

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