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    Well, our 2 week Florida vacation was awesome. Week 1 we cruised to the islands out of Port Canaveral and week 2 was at my folks condo near St Petersburg. The whole fam ran in the St Pete's 12K Bay to Bay race. Cam won his short race for 5-6 yr olds...about 1/4 K... I was hoping to match my best 10K pace of 4:54 but after a week of "all you can eat" cruising and burning calves from snorkeling a couple days prior I had a hard time. I did manage a nice 32/29 min negative split as the pains subsided about half way. I ended up 1:01:17 for the 12K. The mrs did a PACE PR of sub-7 min ks and the 2 older kids both medal-ed in their age groups. (My 18 yr old beat me with a 58:00 min finish despite the fact he hasn't been running much lately --- he was however laid up the rest of the week!) Anyway, it's good to be back racing, feeling motivated again and prepping for May 27th Ottawa Marathon. Not to mention the weather is better! Dave

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      Sounds like a very nice trip, and impressive racing for the whole fam after being on a cruise! Cute picture of your son! Wink deb
        Wow, the whole family runs! Very cool!
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          yup, we have become a running family. 4 of the 5 of us are running a 5k this weekend and another 5K the following Good Friday. My wife and daughter will run their first HMs when I do my full Marathon in May. I am sure we will fit in about a dozen others over the course of Spring-Fall. On top of that my daughter is on the Cross Country team and they usually compete in a half dozen 2 - 3 K trail races. We're all loving the fact we get to eat more!

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            Dave, your son is the cutest thing EVER--and those teeny running shoes...*squeals*!!! I want to get my son (6) running with me a bit this year. I think I might start by having him jog around the block with me and gradually increase the distance until he can run maybe a mile. There is a 5k race near us in June that had some kids smaller than him running in last year. I plan to do the 15k, but it would be so cool to have him do the shorter one...maybe by next year. Smile k

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              It's hard to get him to run longer ones. He just can't go slow! That said, he did a 2K last fall in just over 12 minutes - run walk run walk...I was very impressed.
                That is great! A family the plays together stays together. Of course you may be setting yourself up for trouble...having a little guy who knows pretty soon he'll be able to run fast enough to get away from you! Surprised


                  Wow. Another Dave, from the Toronto-area. Nice work on the recent race. Good luck in Ottawa in a few weeks. I just ran the Around the Bay (30K) race on Sunday. My first. Targetting the Columbus Marathon on Oct 21 - also my first. Maybe I'll bump into you sometime at a local race - are you running Harry's Spring Run-Off or the Sporting Life 10K? I'll be at both.

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                    Hey fellow Canadian Dave! Yes we will probably run both of those races. We should keep in touch and meet up there. Next Friday we are running in Burlington (Good Friday 5K - http://www.burlingtonrunners.com/goodfriday/ ) My daughter's gr 8 school CC team is running it - and some will beat me! Can you make this one? We also will run other races in your area...Oakville Magical Races, Turkey Trot etc. See you 'round!