Smoking Pot and Running? (Read 567 times)


    I am 21 years old and I have been smoking marijuana daily for 6 years and on a regular basis for the 4 years before that. Before August of 2012 I had never ran more than 2 miles in my life but a co-worker of mine really wanted me to run a 10k with her, which was the next month, so I started training for the 10k and found that i actually enjoyed running more than i expected i would, my training went well and finished in 55 minutes(have since finished one in 47min). In December I ran my first half-marathon and finished in 2hrs 8min. And on Mar. 30 of this year I ran my first full marathon in 4hrs and 45min. I have ran at MOST 5 times while NOT stoned, and did not like the results. After running for only 8 months and being able to finish a marathon in a somewhat decent time leads me to believe that smoking pot helps me with running! It sounds crazy but hey, who knows. Now I am training for a 60k that is in 2 months. So what do yall think of this? Any comments? Arguments? Questions?


    Other Info:

    Weight:: 140

    Height: 5' 11"

    Ethnicity: White

    Diet: Vegetarian; Rice, Vegetables, Eggs, Fruit, Cereal, Pizza, Cheese, Milk, BUTTER, Bagels, PB&J, protein bars/powder. I try to drink a gallon of h2o a day.

    Alcohol use: 1-2 times a month

    Marijuana use: 7+ grams a week, through bong.

    Other drug use: LSD and psilocybin mushrooms once a month or so.


    Also, there is no way I could run far distances without the help of God, He literally gets me through it every time!


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          I can see it working for some.  I toked daily for many years and when I did, it just kind of mellowed me out.  We used to go hiking a lot and it felt great to be out moving in nature, breathing in the air, listening to the sounds, etc., so I can see running being enjoyable as well.  Pot can also help some people get into "the zone" with whatever they are doing and help them keep concentration.  That might help you keep going once you start.


          On the other hand, smoking anything is not going to help out your lungs.  I think even vaporizing still affects your lungs negatively.  For me personally, although it might make a few runs here and there enjoyable, it would also just make it too hard to keep consistency in training.  It would be too easy to skip a day and get baked.  I don't think I would be able to keep up the running long term.  You have, though, so bravo!


          If that's your thing, then go with it.  Your priorities might change as you age.  Mine did.  Then again, many of my old friends still smoke weed daily.

          How can we know our limits if we don't test them?

            Smoking pot will damage your lungs, reduced lung function reduces the amount of oxygen you can get into your system and reduce your running performance.


            I'm not sure about the effect of the drug itself.


              If it gets you running, I say stick with it until it starts to hold you back.


              The reason why it "helps" you is probably related to the addictive nature of it.  Not saying it's chemically addictive like cigs, but mentally pleasurable which reinforces repeat behavior.  How does your pot/no pot status effect other activities such as work, sleep, other hobbies, etc.?



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                    All else aside, I would guess it depends upon how serious you are. With marijuana commonly causing hypoglycemia and long runs commonly causing hypoglycemia I'd say at the very least I'd take along some gummy bears.

                      Ben Greenfield recently addressed this topic on a podcast - link is below if you're interested.  The topic ias addressed 1 hour and 23 minutes into the podcast:



                        -- Let the high of running replace the High that comes from Marijuana, that would be my only suggestion... Smile

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                          Lots of world class athletes have been regular stoners since they were 11 years old so I think you are on the right path.


                            Best drug related advice I've ever got is this.  If you're using some substance while doing an activity, be careful how tightly they come together.  You might not be able to separate them after a while.  This was told to me by a highly respected poet, but it's just as true for many other things.

                            If you're having fun running high, run high.  However, once you need to smoke in order to run, it's done.  You eventually won't feel like smoking every day(I know, I know and I would have laughed at the idea myself when I was 21 - A day without a buzz is a day that never was!) and when that day comes, running as a hobby won't be easy for you to keep at.  Best of luck to you

                              you seem like a fairly reasonable and happy individual, what's so hard about life that you have to numb it that much with drugs?  You're an adult, good luck getting a job because you won't pass a drug test.  Life is far too short to not experience it because you're experiencing it in a haze.  And then, you get in a car and you impact the lives of those around you.  I could give a crap if it makes you faster, it negatively impacts your body and impairs you, and so you're impacting others also.  It's cool when you're 15, but by 21 your focus should be on college and your upcoming career.  Trust me, with my age comes wisdom and there is an amazing life out there to be had and much success, you don't want to miss it because you're high.


                              I lecture out of love, I have stepkids older than you are.  Say No to drugs.


                                I'm going to ramp up to phase three of this discussion with: I love the smell of pot.