1st 10 mile run!!! (Read 980 times)

    NIce job. It always feels great for such an accomplishment!  Keep up the good work.Smile

    Run, Walk, Crawl, just Finish.

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      This makes me smile.  Great job!

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

          Thought it would take me at least until the end of this summer to accomplish my goal of a 10 mile run!  Asides from a little leg soreness and some chafing I feel awesome, and whats even more surprising to me is that I felt great while I was running, not at all what I expected!


        Congratulations!  It's such a great feeling to be ahead of schedule!  Smile


          WTG.  Awesome job!!  I was crying after my first double digit run (also due to a miscalculation) so I salute you.

          fast momma!

            Not to burst your bubble, but with the metric system you would have hit double-digits a lot sooner.



            her goal wasn't to run a double digit, it was to run a ten miler.  I think it is great you hit your run ahead of your end-of summer goal, what a great feeling to go farther than you EVER have before!

            2011 goals: sub 60min 10K

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