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    Regarding the help files: One way to make updating the help files easier is to make the help pages a wiki. That way, the users can add their own hints and explanations for how to use the site. Just a suggestion. Thanks for making such as great site! I use it all the time. -Josh

    2011 Goals:
    sub 17min 5k
    5:15 mile?
    (well, maybe next year)

    eric :)

      Josh, The help page as I have it now is similar to a wiki. I can add and remove FAQs dynamically. I just didn't make it such that I'm the only one that can edit it (for now). eric Smile

      Now that was a bath...

        Eric - big thanks for the 'links in new windows' alteration! This site just keeps on improving and as soon as my brand new and squeaky clean credit card arrives in the post - i'm going to break it's virginity on your paypal. I have never seen such respect offered to the users of a website, you have really created a truly 'people friendly' place. Every time I see a runner in the street I want to shout out your URL! Claire xxx
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        Robb Adams

          Eric, Just started using the site last week. I love it! Just what I was looking for. My question is, is there any way to put down my running and workout goals for the week/month? Perhaps on the calendar? I keep my goals on a paper calendar, but thought it would be handy to see my goals and compare them with my actual workout activity on the site. Thanks for your thoughts. ..Robb
            Every time I see a runner in the street I want to shout out your URL!
            If just http://www.cafepress.com had T-shirts worth running in ... No