I'm still a noob, celebrating a new PR monthly mileage (Read 880 times)

Arrogant Bastard....Ale

    New mileage high in June 2009, 210.6 miles in 29:12:41

    versus previous high in May 2008, 207.1 miles in 30:45:48.


    Damn, those seconds/mile really add up over 200 miles.


    The best part: Running a nice smooth 5K tempo run, that would crush my starting 5K PR, or a 100m near sprint.  Then calmly returning to a nice easy pace, no wheezing or gasping or side stitches.


    Close 2nd:  Losing the 20 lbs of out of shape around the midsection.  The Freshman 10 can stay if they choose.


      Hey Egg,  congrats on setting your new mileage high.  I just set my new high this month too, right now I am at 219.4 miles with a  time of 29:20.    I still have tonight to run.  Keep it up.

      The shirtless wonder

        Congrats to you both.  I just set a new monthly mileage record too.  I set one last month but last month was easier due to where my long runs fell.  Now if I can maintain or increase this on through my goal race in December I'll be in good shape.


        Egg: do you have a goal race?


        A Saucy Wench

          after my run tonight I should have a new record.  but my time went the opposite way.  Sheesh I got slow this spring.

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            I'm right behind you guys. Tonights track workout will put me over 200 miles in a month for the first time.


            Still feeling good.

            Consistently Slow

              I am celebrating  mileage too, 100 miles first time this year!

              Run until the trail runs out.

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              Prince of Fatness

                I guess something was in the water this month, because I set a new high, too, with 222.6 miles.  I expect this total to fall July and / or August as I am running a September marathon.


                Nice job on the weight loss, too, Egg.


                  Great job.


                  Not a shabby beer either.

                  The King of Beasts

                    good work Egg, two very good months: 


                    there is something to be said for the fact that you did them back to back

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                      Definitely something in the water this month. I hit a new peak in mileage as well.

                      Egg, good work on a quick ramp-up to 200+ miles in a month. That took me a looonnnggg time to do.

                      And Greg, that's an impressive pace for the number of miles you're putting in.

                      Another One I love the Pooh quote. It sounds a little bit like my running lately. Yours too?


                      And June was only a 30 day month. So there's that too.

                      Arrogant Bastard....Ale

                        Egg: do you have a goal race?




                        Yeah, my marathon is my goal race (not until Oct. 4th, Twin Cities).  Marathon and 5K are the only distances that I have a bone to pick with.  I'll probably try to find a 5K, 2 to 3 weeks after the marathon.


                        I'll be training through my 10K this weekend and my half marathon in Aug (although both have/had a scheduled down week before them, so kind of a semi-taper).  The 25K will be a game day decision based on how my legs feel at that point.


                          Wow, lots of awesomeness packed into one thread.  Congrats to all, and continued good luck in the new month.  Keep kicking ass guys!

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