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     i understand what trigirl is saying here.  women are overcritical of themselves.  but i look at it this way now that i am age 46.  to be healthy and have a body that is able to once again run marathons, swim and bike, means more to me than anything else. last summer i was so sick that i couldnt even begin to think when i would be able to exercise again.  i saw so many people with cancer who were worried if they would be around next year.  my body isnt perfect and i dont give a damn.  i no longer look at my imperfections and look at my positive aspects now.  i have only one body and i want to take good care of it and treat it well. 


    i think if you just keep running you might just lose that cellulite you hate so much.  i have a friend that has lost a major amount of weight but just cant get rid of the cellulite around her knees.  all i can tell her is to keep running and give it more time.  it wasnt until my 4th year of running that i significantly dropped weight and lowered my body fat.  everything in life takes hard work, patience and time. 



    Thanks, good advice ! 

    - Anya

    The Goofinator

      My big areas are the backs of my thighs and my knees.  I try to not be so critical of myself, but it's like society has bred it into us females.  It's hard to change the midset.


      I'm glad I found this thread.  I was complaining that I'm bored with my workout routine.  Burpees may just be the ticket to liven things up!

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