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    That's a streak.  


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    "On Tuesday, Mark Covert plans to do something he hasn't done in 45 years: not run.

    Covert, has not missed a day of running since July 23, 1968 — a streak of 16,437 days, the longest active streak in the United States"


    Great job Mr. Covert!

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      Indeed it is.


      "“I have a mid-foot collapse and my foot is completely twisted to the outside. I really can’t lift or push off anymore; I just kind of drag it around,” Covert said. “I’ve taken a couple of headers when I’ve been out on the road."


      That's just marvelous.

        His daughter: I'm going to get up at 4 a.m. and lock the doors so he can't get out."

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject.

        Old , Ugly and slow

          I did around 390 days when I was young.

          Now my knees need the rest.

          It seems he has to quit running at 63 I hope to run longer than that.

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          Gator eye

            Is he quitting or just taking a rest day?

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