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    mab411, yeah I am a little miffed by his blasé attitude.  Granted, he was working (he works from home), and it would have killed his whole day to sit in the ER with me.  IDK, maybe I should have just tried to drive myself.  Then again, that could be dangerous too I guess.  We do have the crappiest medical insurance in the world.  Think $4K deductible.  So we both think long and hard about seeking medical attention.


    Good to know the order in which to do the pen and the Benedryl.  Thanks for that Chantilly75.  And the expiration date was for August, so it should have still been okay, barely.  I also didn't realize that the sooner you take the shot, the more effective it is.


    I have a photo of my face all blown up, but I haven't figured out how to post pics here yet.  It's kind of gruesome, not sure anyone would really want to see it lol.


    The little girl with the peanut allergy so bad it can affect her when OTHER people eat nuts...just, wow.

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      NikoRosa- Its very important that your husband takes it seriously, because each time you have a reaction, the next one will be faster and more severe. You could very possibly die next time if you don't take swift action and get yourself to the ER/Call an ambulance. These types of allergic reactions are not to be passed off as insignificant, especially if your face/breathing passages had any swelling.

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        You should not have tried to drive yourself.


        Your husband needs a swift kick in the ass.  Perhaps a sit down with your primary care provider to explain the seriousness of your allergy and the importance of *immediate* medical attention is in order.  This needs to be explained to him in no uncertain terms that this is something that could, if not treated or inappropriately treated, kill you.


        Actually, thinking about it now, perhaps a sit down with your PCP for some better education about these type of allergic reactions and the importance of proper treatment is in order... including how to properly use an epi-pen


        Paramedic staffed ambulances have epinephrine on board, the same kind that's in your epi-pen, that can be used in case of an anaphylactic reaction.  If your area has paramedic staffed ambulances calling 911 can bring medical help to you while you're being transported to the ER.


        Glad you're ok.



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          I am glad you are ok, and can understand your hesitation on seeking treatment right away.

          But now, you have had 2 reactions and know that another sting will result in the same or faster reaction.

          I am sorry that your husband wasn't supportive.

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             a severe, severe nut allergy.  As in, dead within a minute if she was around someone who had been around peanuts.  

            I'm sorry, but this cannot be true. The parents may say that, but does this child ever go to the mall?  If she is out in public she has touched something (a door, a grocery item, a toy, money) that another person who had peanuts touched. (and didn't wash their hands)

            "I'm going off the rails on a crazy train"

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