Bug with height on profile (Read 261 times)

    I have entered my height on my profile as 1.85m, but  when I look at my profile page, it says 33.85m.


      Something weird like that happened to me too when I changed mine yesterday, but do it (enter number and save) a couple times and it worked...

        The problem was caused by the summation of the height and the space character when constructing the text.  Apparently, the programming language allows me to add a decimal and a space character (which has a value of 20).  It is now fixed.

          Nice. :-)


          Another thing I noticed is that the option for selecting gender sometimes goes away (no option is selected). I marked it yesterday, but today it was gone. I then marked it again, but after a while it was gone again. I have now marked it again.


          Edit: I can see that the selection of gender vanishes when I close down my browser. It stays there when I am in the same session.

            What browser are you using?

              I am using Firefox V7.0.1.