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    I'm looking to begin run-commuting some days back from work. Does anybody have a good recommendation for a running backpack that I can carry my stuff in? I may need to bring a small laptop back and forth, but if the bag can't fit one and you still love it, that's fine too as it's not critical.

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      Deuter Speed Lite 10. I've had it for a number of years and have used it run commuting, running errands while running, or when I need to carry stuff with me while running. It can fit quite a bit though it feels and looks quite small. It will hold a smaller laptop (I have a macbook air). I love it. I can cram a jacket in there, extra clothes. Maybe not all of that at once but it always surprises me. I'm pretty rough with it too and it's held up. Not sure if that particular model is still sold.


        I have the Gregory Maya 10 and I love it.  It could hold a small tablet size laptop, but isn't wide enough for a full size.  I use it to run commute and usually have a change of clothes in the backpack along with wallet and keys, etc.  But I leave shoes and getting ready stuff at work to avoid the extra weight.  I don't know if you're male or female, but the Maya is designed for women so it stays above the hips and doesn't shift around while running.  They make backpacks for men as well and in several different sizes.  I am very happy with the Gregory brand.