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    Hi Eric, Here in NZ - because of daylight saving - we're now 13hrs ahead of GMT but don't have an option for that on the time settings. Is there a way to adjust for daylight saving? At the moment all the forum posts are an hour out! Thanks Mandy
      Hi Mandy, Day light savings is such a tricky thing. For some reason, Microsoft did not build in support for web services. I have no idea why. I had to build my own. I don't know the day light savings rule for NZ, which is why it's missing. For now, is it possible for you to change your time zone manually? I know it's a cheesy work around, but it might take me a while to fix that. eric Smile
        hi eric - i'm totally happy to change it myself. but as we're 13hrs ahead of GST there isn't an option for me to change it to? it only goes up to GMT+12.
          Doh! There's no such thing as +13. Do you know the day light savings rules? I can program that in and fix it properly.
            Yes - they just changed this year.
            From this year, Daylight Saving will run for a period of 27 weeks. It now commences from the last Sunday in September, when 2.00am becomes 3.00am, and ends on the first Sunday in April the following year, when 3.00am becomes 2.00am.
            Thanks for looking at this for me.