Best way to create a prehab routine? (Read 56 times)


    Have spent time googling / getting answers from others - but wanted to see if anyone had suggestions on best way to create a personalized prehab routine to make sure I don't get injured.  Any apps / websites out there that make it easy?


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      Injuries are usually the result of over-use or weakness/imbalance. There are no guarantees of never having an injury but it helps to listen to small things before they become a major problem. Part of that whole listen to your body mantra. As for weakness/imbalances, find an activity to support your running -- strength training, yoga, swimming, weights, whatever suits you. There is no one answer to your question.

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        Do you know of any specific imbalances or weaknesses? If so, you can focus on those. Otherwise, a well-rounded warm-up routine to do daily/often and a core/body weight strength routine 2-3x to week is a great place to start. You should be able to find many examples of each of those online.


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          Greetings! "The Born Again Runner" (book) by Pete McGill addresses this in two categories:


          1. Basic strengthening/prehab stuff you should do regularly.

          2. There's a list of injuries, and if you've ever had one of them (or are prone to one of them) you do the prehab that goes with that injury, too.


          I think this is a pretty good approach.


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          Need something here new. Suggestions welcome. I think.