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    I have not been able to transfer data from my 610 to my pc for over a week via the USB stick. Ant agent indicates it is transfering data as doe the watch but the ant agent download never progressives from 0%. The 610 will continue to attempt to transfer data until I close out the ant agent software. I believe the download isn't completing because it can't find the correct folder which I believe(?) is located on C: datapp/garmin/roaming/history.. How do I get the download to complete? OR how can I direct the Ant Agent to the correct file folder? Any and all help is appreciated.




      Right click on the Ant agent in your toolbar (looks like three bubbles) and check for software updates.  Then go to the Garmin website support section and update the software.  Also try removing and reinserting the ant stick into your USB.

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        Software was up to date. Tried removing / inserting ant stick.... same problem.


          Garmin support provided the fix for me. Actually worked. Instructions below should you encounter the same problem.





          At certain time the web-based authorization process to authenticate the ANT Agent with Garmin Connect is not completed successfully. If the Forerunner device was successfully paired with the ANT Agent program, but navigated away from during the authentication process, you must then remove the device and pair it again to complete the authentication process.

          Please complete the steps below to ensure this is done successfully

          1. Sign in to the Garmin Connect web site (at least once prior to authentication)
          2. Plug in your ANT USB Stick
          3. Right-click the ANT Agent icon on the taskbar
          4. Select Device settings and select Remove Device
          5. Answer Yes to Are you sure you want to remove device?
          6. Right-click the ANT Agent icon on the taskbar
          7. Select Pair with new devices and select Enabled
          8. Enable pairing on the Forerunner device
          9. Also ensure that a new activity in the Forerunner device is saved to history and ready to be sent to the ANT Agent prior to pairing