April 11, 2018 outage (Read 108 times)

eric :)

    Hi all,

    RA was offline from 8:08 PM EDT to 9:48 PM EDT today. Without going into too much detail, the problem was caused by the latest  Microsoft monthly update, which changed the network adapter configuration such that the web servers got new IP addresses. The firewall noticed the change and blocked their access.


    Such mishaps from security updates have caused outage problems in the past. The web servers were configured to stagger the updates, in the hopes to limit the damage from problematic updates. This one somehow slipped through.


    eric Smile


      You recovered the site so quickly!  Good work!


      One day at a time

        Thanks for the update, Eric. I panicked briefly when I couldn't log my run last night!  But I knew you would be on top of the situation quickly.  Smile


          Thank you for shring this information.