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      It's a tough call and I don't know the right answer, but this comment is pretty priceless:


      If the hyper-fit minions wish to show up to pound their joints into powder and tear their tendons to shreds, all in the interest of achieving a 'personal best', and get mugged by a looting mob and the Devil knows what else - then I say - by Yug-Yoggish - GO FOR IT!

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


         I thought most non-runners viewed big city marathons as a major annoyance due to road closures and increased difficulty in getting around on the day of the race.  Sure, a few go out and spectate but this has been the impression quite a few non-running friends have given me over the years.  Confused


        I thought that once too but now having lived in NYC for a bit over a decade, I've found most people (that I've spoken with, anyway) love the marathon and make it into an event to go see it.  People have all kinds of parties to spectate. 


        I'm sure LOTS of people find it annoying, but we get, what, 2 million people to come watch, so, someone must like it aside from the businesses that rake in the gold.


        I'm happy it's going on for many reasons, not to mention the fact I've given up dessert for the last month to maintain race weight through my taper!  I don't want to be told I could have been eating ice cream this whole time :-P

        HTFU?  Why not!

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          I would say that if  the police and volunteers can make it, why not. I heard the Mayor of Staten Island wasn't happy about it. It does seem frivolous to those that lost their homes and such,but life will go on at some point.

          I live 40 miles from the start, and am running this on the fourth try getting into the race. I am looking at not having power in my house for at least another week, but feel fortunate to have not lost my home, like many around here.





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            I don't have any skin in the game, since I'm not in the impacted area, nor in the marathon. But giving it some thought, personally, I would be mortified to know that an event put on purely for my enjoyment and recreation was taking time/energy/mindshare away from those in need or interfering with their getting relief. Since runners from away are not going to get to NY easily anyway, why not delay it a week or two...

            I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

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              Since runners from away are not going to get to NY easily anyway, why not delay it a week or two...


              I imagine the logistics of this would be unimaginably difficult.  Not to say I disagree with he rest of your post.


                Reading through the current stories, and it looks like NY is a mess, traffic is locked up, gas shortages, no power, still looking for many people who are still missing in the debris on Staten Island, people still needing rescue and lots of people looking for help. I understand there's a lot of money involved for the running club, city, and the runners, but I believe the right thing to do is cancel it. Running such a huge race while nearbye there are still bodies to be found, people with no shoes and shelter, and needing rescue doesn't seem right.

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                  I'm hesitant to weigh in on this, as I live in Tennessee and don't really have a good grasp on the New York situation, but of course the truth is that we go about our merry lives all the time even in the face of great suffering, warfare, etc. etc. which is kind of a constant hum in human experience. Of course this should trouble us occasionally and spur us to good works and critical reflection.


                  But the fact of badness and suffering is never argument enough against the enjoyment of life. I think for the argument to be conclusive, folks would have to definitively show that putting on the NYC marathon would, in fact, highly impact recovery efforts by pulling away folks from those efforts.


                  If not, I cast my lot with the enjoyers!



                    If not, I cast my lot with the enjoyers!



                    I'm with you, Jeff.  I don't see how the marathon is going to take away from recovery efforts.  As I've written elsewhere, ConEd doesn't marshal marathons.  The race means a lot to the people running it and to many New Yorkers.  It is a symbol of the city, and in this case, it can be show that no matter what New York is unstoppable. 

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                      After further thought, I would think that the resources needed ( cops ,emt's, volunteers that have no power in their house) just have to be better used in the recovery efforts. Why can't it be postponed one or two weeks? A lot will not be able to come, but the priorities dictate this.

                      If it can't be postponed, how aboutdoing what the race started out doing, that's taking 4 loops of central park. That would greatly reduce the amount of support people needed.





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                        My hotel was underwater.  Amtrak cancelled my ride.  The guys I train with started formulating plans and making calls.  I think this counts and Plan D or E, but we finally put a logistical solution together.  Wives aren't going.  One guy who isn't running decided to drive us up, because we didn't all fit in the van.  My wife spent about 3hrs to work a hotel.  I'm bunking with one of the guys to split the exorbitant fee.


                        I don't know it's going to be a "good" marathon, but it will be memorable; I'll always have the fraternity of my training partners coming together, working as a team, and making it happen for all of us.

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                          I'm like some of the other prior comments ...I have no skin in the game (didn't make the lottery).  So take this for what it's worth.  It's a tough, tough deal....   


                          From what I'm seeing, unless I'm actually doing something to help with the cleanup I'm just going to be in the way.  Kinda like visiting someone in the hospital and you know they really don't want you there.  They just want to work at getting better. 


                          I'll do what I can to help from my home here in MN (i.e. donate to relief efforts, do whatever I can to help some affected friends in the city), and let NY concentrate on doing what they have to do to get better.     


                          The NYC Marathon is definitely on my bucket list... and when NY is ready for visitors, we'll get out there and have a huge time.     


                            So, I've been back and forth on this issue. Really, the marathon isn't a necessity. Running is a luxury and I'm reminded of this daily. I'd only want to see it go on if it doesn't cause anyone already suffering any further hardship. I think ConEd argument might be just the tip of the iceberg. Resources are limited. I'm reading online that hotels that have taken on evacuees are trying to get them to move out for runners, who I'm assuming will be paying more. This may not be true but it does make me think about all the ways resources are strained.


                            I'm guessing it will go on, albeit smaller.

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                              Okay, now this is just getting silly:






                              The Staten Island Ferry transportation option is cancelled. Runners who selected Staten Island Ferry service have been re-assigned to bus service from the New York Public Library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue. Departure times are as follows:

                              • Wave 1: 4:30 a.m.
                              • Wave 2: 5:30 a.m.
                              • Wave 3: 6:30 a.m.
                              • Wave 4: 7:30 a.m.

                              Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time.

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                                • Wave 1: 4:30 a.m.


                                Haven't you always wanted to wake up in the city that never sleeps?


                                You might wanna wear a lifejacket on the bus.