Can someone 'splain this weird building to me? (Read 941 times)


    I am staying in a hotel with 44 floors.


    I am staying on the 25th floor.


    The elevator stops at every floor... except the 25th floor.


    For rooms on the 25th floor, one is supposed to take the elevator to 26, and then take a special set of stairs down one flight to the cluster of 25th floor rooms.  Note that this special set of stairs only goes one flight... it is for this specific purpose, it isn't like fire stairs that go to all floors.


    If one takes the elevator to the 24th floor, there are no stairs to get you to 25.  My fire instructions inform me to go up to 26 in order to catch the fire stairs that go all the way down.




    I am assuming that there is some weird structural (or firebreak) thing at the top of the 24th or 25th floor?  Maybe this used to be the roof?  In fact, there are two sets of elevators... one for floors 2-24.  One for floors 26-44.


    What gives????


    (the hotel staff tried to play this up as being on the "private secluded floor")



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      Commonly referred to as the "red headed stepchild floor"


      This is the floor they place undesirable guests they don't want to subject everyone else to. 

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        Well.duh. they called it "the secluded floor." ha


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          How do the maids get their carts and all their tons of towel and linens there?

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            I would hazard a guess that the 25th floor was originally designed to be the mechanical floor, not intended for occupation. Some of the space was likely retrofitted to include additional guest rooms after the mechanical systems were upgraded and changed (newer is typically more efficient and smaller as far as these types of systems go.)


            As far as maids carts, there should be a service elevator, that would have originally served the mechanical space, (ie 25th floor). The service elevator being 'back of house' would not be available for use by the guests.


            Now that is all an educated guess, since I do not know the history of the building. But you are right, they are selling you a pile of bullshit.


              Weird thing... I dont see a secret door that might be hiding a service elevator. all doors seem to be rooms! i guess I will find out da deal on housekeeping tomorrow. except, no I wont...work beckons.


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                  Maybe that Eagles song wasn't about drugs after all.

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                    SRL what happened to John Belushi?


                    He's on a break.


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                      They moved the thirteenth floor to the twentyfifth and reduced access so the superstious wouldn't be afraid.

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                        SRL what happened to John Belushi?


                        He died of a drug overdose.  I hate for you to have to hear it this way.

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                          Ah you wanted a serious answer:

                          25th is clearly where they put the 'special' guests, like a chinese finger puzzle.


                            Ah you wanted a serious answer:

                            25th is clearly where they put the 'special' guests, like a chinese finger puzzle.


                            Sly, actually I was looking for serious answers!  And thank you for your previous thoughts.


                            So far they haven't treated me like a chinese finger puzzle, but it is early yet.


                              Wasn't there a building like this in the movie, No Country For Old Men?

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                                The building was originally constructed in 1984 as an apartment building containing only 43 floors.  That original company went bankrupt and sold it off in 1991 or so.  It was then condos for awhile then sold off to be a hotel.


                                When it became a hotel they change the layout of the floors and added the 44th floor in the middle of the hotel.  The original floor plan had 2 floor suites and they changed the design to accommodate more rooms.  The building went from 580 rooms to 596.


                                Or something like that.  Got that from a few seconds on google and reading through a few documents.