Ninja Kids - or two kids make a ninja movie (Read 828 times)

    Last summer my 10 year old decided to make a movie with his sister. They made up the "story" and did the filming. They asked me to edit it and put some music to it. I burned it to DVD and they showed it and gave copies to everyone in the family. We all thought it was pretty funny. Then my son discovered youtube and wanted his video on there. He's been pestering me for months, so I finally got around to re-editing it to take out their names, etc. and posted it last night. Please check it out, I'm sure they will be excited to see the view count go up when they get home tonight. Thanks in advance for watching. Ninja Kids Video

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    Barefoot and happy

      Ah, that was awesome. Big grin Reminds me of the absolutely ridiculous videos my parents have of my brother and I. Glad that's not on youtube.
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        Good, god...if I had half that energy I could do a marathon TODAY! That is hilarious! Nice work, dad! Big grin k

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          Funny stuff! Movie star energizer kids!! Cool