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    Hi, I'm a youth soccer coach so this is a bit of crossover advice but hope it helps! The following article is taken from http://www.bettersoccercoaching.com and it's about building players' stamina, speed and general fitness. Although it's aimed at soccer players, it could be useful for you.


    Soccer drill to boost stamina levels


    Use these soccer (football) drills for a quick way to improve the stamina levels of your team and get players fit for matches.


    Stamina and sprint skills

    Young teams with players who have the ability to recover quicker and consistently sprint at high speed will have the edge when your team plays a match.

    Soccer (football) drills alternating jogging and sprinting

    If you set up a soccer drill course, as in the top one in the diagram, you can get four of your players using sprints then jogs to practise match-like situations.

    • Tell your players to run the course, alternating between top-speed sprinting and slow jogging.

    • One complete circle counts as a single soccer drill repetition.

    • Adjust the distance between points accordingly and repeat the drill three to eight times depending on age and fitness.

    Key soccer coaching drill tips

    This soccer drill session improves endurance levels and mirrors the way players would compete in matches.

    Use the second diagram for sprint drills

    • Tell your players to sprint from 1 to 6 and then back to 1.

    • Rest at each point in the soccer drill for the given amount of time. You can alter the values in the diagram.

    • Repeat soccer drill three times and build up over the weeks. Don’t let your players exhaust themselves.

    Key soccer coaching tips

    This soccer (football) drill is designed to get your players fit quickly. Make it more fun by getting team-mates to shout out the number of seconds the runner has to wait.

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