Looking for first marathon in 2019...opinions on FIRST? (Read 167 times)


    What was your half marathon time? How recent was it?


    Recent 10k time?


    I just read an article...10k vs. Marathon time...



    10k                Marathon          MPW

    51                    3:59                40

    45                    3:29                50-60

    38                    3:00                70

    32                    2:29                80-90


    Thanks.  This article is a good read.  Half marathon time 4 years ago was 1:44 and change.  Ran the last 7 miles with a lot of IT band pain though...wasn't really properly trained.  My most recent 10k was 42:07 last May.  I'm going to use the 1/2 I run on April 28th to gauge pacing and what's a reality.  Obviously my goal starts with getting to the starting line and finishing the race.  Beyond that, sub 4 hours would be my time goal right now and based on the half I run I'll try to define a possible stretch goal.

    2019:  Run my first marathon.


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