What are the current 'best' headphones for running (Read 3761 times)

    Hi have gone wireless.  After trying severa behind the neck bluetooth headphones - im set on the Azeca over the head headset.  It's just like the only Sony vertical in-ear headphones i used but without the wire.


    you can only get them on Amazon or http://azeca.com


    I've been really considering going the wireless route and switching to my iphone with an armbad instead of the ipod nano with the clip on my waist. Let us know how these hold up. The picture doesn't make them look very durable. 

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      Leave the headphones and home and just carry a giant ghetto blaster with you!  Consider it cross training!


      Well, that actually happened at IA50 last weekend. She didn't have a giant ghetto blaster but since headphones were prohibited, she had an mp3 player  connected to small but very loud speakers in her pack blasting "music" (explicit, vulgar hip-hop) along the way, quite loud. At least it gave me incentive to run faster, out of hearing range. Come on people, don't do that. 

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