Dust Off Those Martini Shakers...Mad Men is Back! (Read 272 times)






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      I'm catching up, currently beginning of season 3, but I'm glad that there are new episodes.

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        Season 5 Premier: [spoilers ahead]


        Wow, what a contrast this opener was to season's past.  The whole episode seem pulled toward Peggy's generation.  The old-guard irrelevant except for their names on the company logo.  Don has completely checked out.  Sterling (who stole the show in my opinion with some great lines and excellent acting) is used to make the most poignant slice in the old guard's throat -- even though it's great that they show he still has some of his mojo.  The whole coke thing was wonderful, including Sterling's riposte to Peter falling for the prank.  (Wonderful that Sterling knows his position is vulnerable and buys his way out of the office challenge.)  Burt doesn't even get included in the status meeting.  Even Joan is marginalized, both professionally because of the baby and visually in her vamped up dress that looks a bit too desperate and out of sync with the rest of the late 60's fashion.


        Also loved that Peggy aced the bean ballet pitch.  I rolled my eyes when I saw the concept and thought it was too high-art for beans.  But then, in listening to her pitch, she totally won me over.  I also liked that Don's lack of intervention wasn't totally played as phoning it in, but as half wisdom that they couldn't be sold on it.


        Don and Peggy's relationship remains my favorite part of the whole show.


        Did anyone else think Don was well past 40?  I had him at 45-48, if anything.  Odd to find out the actor is about 40.


        Also, Don's new wife is pretty annoying.  I wonder if I have trouble sympathizing with her because of the actress doing a bad job, if that's the way they're writing her, or if that's just always the role of Don's wife.  At least he seems blissfully happy -- considering the other woman from last season looked like the path to long-term happiness.


        Anyway, great opener.  

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