Running in college- update (Read 150 times)

    Nowadays, running in college is a much more accessible process. High school races get much more media attention, and coaches can spot you via social media. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even harder for high schoolers to get momentum with recruiting. Remember, you are going to college, not to a professional team.


    Most college athletic leagues added a year or more to eligibility due to covid pause. We could see redshirt 7th year Seniors! Or more likely, grad students who still have eligibility. I don't know the current NCAA rules, when I was spry it was "5 years to make 4". You had 4 years of eligibility, and 5 years to use them. I sat out my soph year (transferred from a CC) and walked on for the next 3 years (took 5 years to complete all the required courses cuz some didn't count when I transferred).


    Some leagues don't, or didn't, have age restrictions. My first year of school was at a CC, and a school in our conference had a 29 y/o on the XC and Track teams. It was only their 2nd year of school, they started late.

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