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    ivan, you can always add an extra piece of insole in the heel of the Kinvarra to make it a higher drop. When my achilles is acting up, I slip a 3/4 length "plantar fasciitis" insole UNDER the insoles of my shoes, and that adds another 8-10mm to the drop.

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    For me, I find that Hoka midsoles lose their pop around 150-200 miles. They're just duds after that. I don't think I even have 150 miles on my Clifton6, and they're just for walking around now because they're dead. The new supercritical midsole compounds like Adidas Boost, Skechers Hyperburst, Saucony PWRRUN PB, NB FuelCell, Brooks DNA Flash, Puma Nitro, etc all seem to keep their feel after hundreds of miles. I'm surprised that Hoka hasn't developed their own yet.

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      Huge Rincon fan here. I ran most of my miles in the Kinvara 1-11 for about a decade.


      I run a lot less than I used to but most of my miles now are in the Rincon (currently the 3). Agree it's a little more cushy than the Kinvara but a lot of runners would be fine racing in it.


      Seems like everyone loves these! After reading this forum, I somehow found some Kinvara 11s still in stock on Amazon because I didn't want to switch to the 12, so I bought another 2 pairs. It should get me through all of 2022 as I have 3 new pairs overall. I'll have to take a look at these Hokas(or maybe the 13s when they come out)

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        *correction* trying to find a shoe that has a smaller drop that wont kill me

        Saucony Endorphin Speeds are magical. They propel you forward I swear. 8 mm drop. Maybe you can find some clearance shoes with first edition.  I like Kinvaras but love the Endorphins. I run in 12 mm Ghosts daily and Endorphin Speeds 1-2 X a week for faster work or races. No issues with transition. You also need to know you likely simply just need more adjustment time. You can't go cold turkey. Also keep in mind these lighter shoes for racing and faster workouts are not as durable as the more beefed up daily trainers.

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          Would walking in the kinvaras have any benefit?