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    Does anyone have any suggestions for an item to cover one’s mouth when running in cold climates?  Nothing below 0, but as the temperature in my area gets below 30 or even 40, I don’t like the feeling of all that cold air going in and out of my nose and mouth. I’m sure there are many others with a similar issue.  Can anyone suggest a good item to buy for this problem?

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      Two of the more common solutions are...


      Balaclava -- which is a full coverage of neck, head, nose mouth. You can tug it up and down to adjust to expose more or less of lower face.



      Buff (aka neck gaitor) -- which covers your neck and you can pull it up to cover your mouth and nose as needed for comfort.



      From the temps you mention, sounds like a buff is what you'd want more than the full head coverage of balaclava.

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        I personally liked the underarmour sports mask because it held its shape when I breathe.  Everything else I tried had a tendency to get sucked into my mouth as I breathed heavier when running, which was just annoying and made it even harder to breathe.

          Some of the motorcycling face covers have small perforations And come in a huge variety of patterns. In early Covid when face coverings were required even outdoors within 30' of other people I got one for running and it's the best one I've had; but I usually wear Buffs of different brands. No, this is not an endorsement or discussion about the effectiveness of buffs vs n95 surgical masks to reduce transmission of CV19. It's a discussion about face coverings to run in, with a backstory explaining how I know.


          Having lived at 10k' in Colorado, I found the thicker face coverings ice up or are hard to breath through. Thin perforated ones allow you to breath almost normally and keep your face frostbite-free.


          About $10


          There are hundreds of patterns on Ebay, these are a bit jingoist, search "motorcycle face covering" to discover more:

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          more, at about $5:

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