graphs: group by type rather than activity? (Read 304 times)


    Hi All,


    Just joined and this site looks great!  I just imported a bunch of data from sportstracks, and I am having a bit of trouble, so I thought maybe someone on here could help?


     I use the garmin forerunner, but I never change the activity type from the default: running, on the garmin itself.  I do update the category on sportstracks, so that all of my activity types are stored as categories.  When I uploaded about 5 months of sportstracks data to running ahead, the category was read in as "type" and not "activity".  As a result, nearly all of my activities are labelled running. I started going through and manually changing each activity, but this is too tedious for me. Mostly, I just want the summary page to display: xaxis = date, yaxis = duration grouped by type rather than activity. 


    Is it possible to either a) copy type over to activity for all of my current workouts or b) change the group-by feature for the summary graph to type rather than activity?





      There's no way to change the workout type/activity in bulk so you'll have to do it manually.  If SportsTracks allows you to change multiple workouts at once, then I can clear your log and you can do that and reimport your data.  That's probably the easiest thing to do.


      eric :-)