Sugestion for a 30K winter trail runnning plan (Read 38 times)

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    I have singed up for a race in February, in Limburg (http://www.hivernaltrail.nl/) the course is hilly, no rocks but the ground will be frozen hard by this time of the year.


    While I am familiar with the mix of trainings for each distance on road(10K, HM and marathon) I really don't know what to expect in a hilly hard frozen terrain like that.


    My idea is to set up a 12 weeks plan (I am still fit enough as my last cross country marathon was reduced to a half one due to our lovely Dutch weather). My aim is to just run it through, no to PR.  I want to gain experience in both the type of race and the preparation of the training plan.


    For this 30K I am going to reduce my mileage (again, no PR intented) to 30-35mpw and increase my cross training to include my favourite weight workouts (squats, dead lifts, bench presses, etc) and boxing. The idea is to increase upper body strength and endurance.

    I have some steep hills to run, short but I can run them in a circuit, not an issue. So far everything is under control and well understood.

    Cold. snow and wind is not an issue either.


    What I can't figure out is what mix of lactate workouts, speed workouts and endurance to use. Should I plan it as a longer half marathon with more lactate and speed or like a shorter marathon with more pure endurance? Is there any special type of workout that is normally not done in road training? What about pliometrics? And what about long hill climbs and descends? Please recall that the hills that I have here are short and I will face a long ascent followed by a long descent.

    Any tips will be welcome.



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