I'm Truly Sorry For This (Read 1541 times)

    Not sure about all of you, but I felt a little guilty reading this


    Anyone else recognize themselves?


      Without a doubt.  I try to stop myself, but I just can't.

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      Goals for 2015:


      Run 3 marathons (modified:  Run 2 marathons--Lost Dutchman 02/2015 and Whiskey Row 05/2015)

      Run a 50-miler (Ran a 53.8 mile race 11/14/2015)

      Run 1,500 miles (uhhh...how about 1,400?)


      Stay healthy

        Geez, that's the entire RA community.

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

          God yes! I thought I restrained myself admirably when a family member remarked over my first HM feat last year. However, at least five direct quotes from this article left my lips at Christmas dinner. It took all I had to change the subject about 10 minutes in. Thanks for the laugh!


            i never talk to real people about my running -- that's what RA people are for.

            i find the sunshine beckons me to open up the gate and dream and dream ~~robbie williams

              My running friends have started calling me "coach", I think it's a not so subtle hint to shut up.


                i never talk to real people about my running -- that's what RA people are for.

                 So...tell us about your running!  Smile


                Running is stupid

                Queen of 3rd Place

                  i never talk to real people about my running -- that's what RA people are for.


                  This. Plus one other crazy at work. 

                  Ex runner

                    i never talk to real people about my running -- that's what RA people are for.


                    I try not to, unless they ask. They usually only ask once.

                    Cool Jump Suit

                      This. Plus one other crazy at work. 


                      Yes, RA people and even some FB people too!  I used to have one other crazy at work, but she won't talk to me anymore.  Sad

                      So bittersweet,
                      This tragedy
                      Won't ask for absolution;
                      This melody,
                      Inside of me,
                      Still searches for solution.
                      A twist of faith,
                      A change of heart
                      Cures my infatuation.
                      A broken heart, 
                      Provides the spark
                      For my determination.

                      Doc, my tooth hurts

                        This is great.  This is why I never talk about running, because it's not really that interesting to talk about.


                          Big grin


                          Funny stuff.


                          I feel so very sorry for my husband who is NOT a runner whenever we hang out with my friends who ARE runners. He just doesn't understand how we can talk about something over and over and over again and never get bored, LOL. We will try to change the subject, but we always seem to get back around to running!

                            This is hilarious. Smile

                            Trying to find my Zen through yoga. 





                              I always treat running like Fight Club when I'm around non-runners.


                              Shoot, except in certain situations I usually keep my mouth shut about running even when runners are around.


                              The problem occurs in slightly mixed situations.  Like a group of mostly non-runners, but one runner who really really wants to talk running with me in the middle of the group.


                                I have a shirt that addresses this very issue. I think it was put out by the NY marathon people a few years ago. ( If you can't see it, the speech bubble says "marathon marathon marathon marathon  ")

                                I generally discuss my marathon running until I see the glaze come into the eyes of the non- running listener. It usually only takes a couple of minutes.