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    I don't know about anyone else, but I am more interested in knowing my (estimated) body fat percentage and/or bmi than just my weight. Is there any way you could add these in to the health note section? Also while we are talking about that particular section, is there a way to graph that information? I couldn't seem to figure it out, but maybe I just missed something...
      Personally, I don't think either of these two metrics are all that important simply because they don't change all that often. BMI is directly proportional to your weight, since your height will not change. The body fat percentage is somewhat hard to obtain and I don't think the field will be used often. What do the rest of you think?
        I have a scale that measures body fat percentage so its something I can check every day, whilst not 100% accurate it is supposed to be pretty accurate to itself so you can definitely watch trends on it as long as you take into account your hydration levels at the time. For general runners I can see it being ignored for the most part but for the folks who are running to loose weight it would be nice to plot the trend over time.

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          I really wouldn't mind that, either. I also have one of those scales. Like Morkai pointed out, they aren't really all that accurate, BUT if a person makes a point of taking the measurement under consistent hydration conditions it will show relative change. At least this is what I have noticed with our scale. k

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            I agree w/ Eric. Those are not metrics that I would track. As long as I can trend my weight I'm very happy. I can always compute the occasional BMI or have my BF% taken at the gym. Just my $0.02.

              I would track this.. even if it changes rarely, I expect to be (attempting) to stay fit for years to come, and as such, BF% would be extremely interesting, especially if coupled with new training schedules, or more fitness / weight lifting oriented analysees.